The workshop will take place in the Volley Hotel in Izmir, Turkey. The hotel is located in the heart of Izmir, close to shopping, and leisure areas as well as very close to the fair and the sea.(Volley Hotel Review)

All workshop participants will have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Volley Hotel (included). Not all participants can stay in the Volley hotel as their space was limited. Within walking distance is the Anemon Izmir Hotel where some of you will stay.



Shuttles are available from airport to Alsancak where Volley Hotel locates (Havas Bus Services). You can take a shuttle from airport and get off the bus at Swiss (Efes) Hotel, Alsancak (fee: 10TL). Then you can take a taxi from Swiss Hotel to Volley Hotel (fee: approx. 10TL). Or you can directly take a taxi from airport to Volley Hotel (fee: approx. 50TL).

Volley Hotel Address

Anemon Hotel Address